NEW STARR is an acronym for North East Wisconsin Secure Technology Asset Recycling & Refurnishing.

The company was started by Steve Cribben in 2011 after he saw a need for electronics recycling focused on meeting the needs of local businesses. Since 1986, Steve has been servicing various types of electronics starting with typewriters and moving into copiers, printers, and computers over the years. He understands the various components of each piece of electronics and utilizes his skills to effectively refurbish or recycle the electronics.

The company has worked with health care entities, banks, and other companies that require the secure destruction of the data from the electronics equipment. Prior to starting the company, Steve worked for a local hospital system in which data security was extremely important due to HIPAA requirements. The company will destroy hard drives as requested and issue a certificate of destruction to provide assurance the data was destroyed.

The company has researched various end users of the materials and components of the electronics to ensure these vendors are utilizing the various parts in an environmentally friendly way.

A wide variety of organizations trust NEW STARR Solutions with their technology recycling needs.