Electronics can either be dropped off at our facility location during normal business hours or we will pick up your used electronics. If you are located outside of Green Bay, a pick-up charge may be warranted depending on the quantity and type of items. NEW STARR Solutions will recycle the following items in an environmentally friendly way and ensure your items have reached their maximum useful life. In addition, we can physically destroy your hard drive and provide you with a Certificate of Destruction that provides you with verification that your hard drive was destroyed.

**Please call ahead to ensure someone will be onsite when dropping off your items**

Computer monitors - $5.00
Servers - No Charge
Computer (CPU) - No Charge
Mice and Keyboards - No Charge
Printers/Copiers/Fax Machines - No Charge
Network Equipment - No Charge
Phone Equipment (including cell phones) - No Charge
Audio/Video Equipment - No Charge
Battery Backups - No Charge

Destruction of Hard Drive - base on time and quantity per hour.
Documentation of computers recycled - price based on time and quantity.

$50 per hour if the pickup is outside of Green Bay Metro Area
Based on quantity of items, trip charge could be dropped.